Data Plates

PATENT PLATE -- Aluminum silk screened data plate with the U-drive rivets.

A-18650         1928-31 Patent         ea.  2.50

BODY PLATES -- Same as original plates for the Fordor Sedans and Cabriolets. Includes the U-drive rivets.

A-18651         Briggs bodies         ea.  2.00

A-18652         Murray bodies         ea.  2.00

MURRAY PLATE -- Plate fits on the lower cowl.

A-18653         1928-29         Murray      ea. 7.95

OWNERS PLATE -- Personalize your car with this beautiful brass plate with spaces to engrave your name & year of car.

A-18653-OP         1928-31         ea.  8.95

DRIVE RIVETS -- Drive rivets for the data and body plates.

A-18650-RK         1928-31         set  1.50


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