STEEL FRONT FENDERS -- Forget rust and dents, we now have steel front fenders. These fenders are excellent reproductions of the originals. Only 1930-31 are available with the spare tire well.  These are shipped truck freight collect.

A-16005-A         1928-29 Right hand         ea. 475.00

A-16006-A         1928-29 Left hand         ea. 475.00

A-16005-B         1930-31 Right hand         ea. 475.00

A-16005-BW         1930-31 Right hand with spare tire well        ea. 675.00

A-16006-B         1930-31 Left hand         ea. 675.00

A-16006-BW         1930-31 Left hand with spare tire well         ea. 675.00

FENDER WELL -- Quality steel well for replacing an old one or installing a new well in your fender.

A-16028-A         1928-29         ea. 46.00

A-16028-B         1930-31         ea. 38.50

STAMPED METAL REAR FENDERS "NEW" - Quality stamped steel fenders with correct gauge metal & form for an excellent fit

A-16160-RA         1928-29 Coupe, Roadster & Truck Right hand         ea. 340.00

A-16161-LA         1928-29 Coupe, Roadster & Truck Left hand         ea. 340.00

A-16160-RB         1930-31 Coupe, Roadster & Truck Right hand         ea. 340.00

A-16161-LB         1930-31 Coupe, Roadster & Truck Left hand         ea. 340.00

A-16160-RC         1928-29 Sedan & Phaeton Right hand         ea. 275.00

A-16161-LC         1928-29 Sedan & Phaeton Left hand         ea. 275.00

A-16160-RD         1930-31 Sedan & Phaeton Right hand         ea. 275.00

A-16161-LD         1930-31 Sedan & Phaeton Left hand        ea. 275.00

FIBERGLASS FENDERS- 1928-31 -- All fenders are made of sturdy fiberglass and are the best quality available. The front fenders come in either plain or welled for side mount tire. Specify the year, body style and which fender you would like. Remember left is drivers side.

Description Front Plain Fender         ea. 230.00

Description Rear Fender         ea. 215.00

FENDER AND RUNNING BOARD BOLTS -- All the bolts, nuts and washers to bolt on the fenders and running boards.

A-80043-AR         Early 1928         kit 17.95

A-80043                1928-29         (210 pieces.)         kit 17.95

A-80044                1930-31         (212 pieces.)         kit 17.95

REAR WHEEL HOUSING BOLTS -- Special threaded studs with large head.  Enough for one rear fender.

A-81173         1930-3l     4 studs         ea. 1.95

FRONT FENDER (to Radiator Apron Bolts)  -- Exact bolts needed for the 1930-31 fender only.

A-80024         1930-31         set 2.25

FRONT FENDER HOLE PATCH "A" Used to repair dimpled counter sunk hole in the front fender.

A-16000         1930-31    (4 pieces.)         set 7.50

FENDER BRACE CUP "B" Clip fits between fender and bracket to protect bead from road vibration damage.

A-16100         1928-31         ea. 5.10


A-16025-AMB         1928-29         kit 3.50

A-16025-BMB         1930-31         kit 3.50

FRONT FENDER BRACES -- Stamped steel brace ready to paint and install

A-16025-A         1928-29 Ford         ea. 38.50

A-16025-B         1930-31 Front         ea. 38.50

FENDER TO BRACE BOLT -- Bolts the outer edge of fender to the brace.

B-16026-BK        1928-34 Plain               pr. 2.00

B-16026-SS         1928-34 Stainless         pr. 3.00

FENDER WELT -- Cushions between fender and body.

B-16070-A         1928-31 Black Crushed Grain (25 ft.)         ea. 15.95

B-16070-SS         1928-31 Stainless Steel (8 foot strips)         ea. 21.00

MUD FLAPS - A reproduction of the popular "Ford" accessory.

A-16l55         Fits all years         pr. 19.95


A-1180-AR         1928 Coupe, Pickup & Roadster, Sold in pairs only.         pr. 39.95

REAR FENDER BRACES "STAMPED STEEL" -- New stamped steel braces with correct form. Braces fit both

                                                       Right and Left hand.

A-16180-A 1928-29 Coupe, Cabriolet, Roadster & Truck         ea. 19.95

A-16180-B         1930-31 Coupe, Cabriolet, Roadster & Truck         ea. 19.95

A-16340-A         1928-29 Sdn & Phn        ea. 19.95

A-16340-B         1930-31 Sdn &Phn        ea. 19.95

A-16180-WB         1931 Wide Bed P/U        ea. 19.95


A-16181-SK         1928-31         kit 4.50


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