HOODS - SUPER SHOW QUALITY -- These hoods are show quality and feature correct gauge metal. The best hood you can buy.

A-16611-AR         1928 AR Type        ea. 485.00

A-166110-ABR         1928-29 Briggs         ea. 485.00

A-16611-A         1928-29 Stock         ea. 485.00

A-16611-8         1930-31 Stock         ea. 485.00

HOODS 3 PIECE "HOT ROD" -- There are several combinations including scoops and louvers of 3 piece and special order hoods available.

Call for prices

HOOD HANDLES -- Steel grab handles used to open hood sides.

B-16609-SS         1928-32 Stainless Steel         pr. 34.50

  HOOD ROD SET -- 3 piece stainless steel rods.

A-16612-A         1928-29 Stainless         set 18.50

A-16612-8         1930-31 Stainless         set 18.50

HOOD PROP KIT -- This all stainless steel hood support kit eliminates resting your open hood on the
cowl. Great for street rods and original cars to protect your expensive paint finish. Includes stainless attaching hardware.

A-16613-SS         1928-36         kit 29.95

HOOD CORNERS -- Hood corners protect your paint job and help prevent the hood from rattling.

A-16622-LS         1928-31 Leather         pr. 3.50

A-16622-RS         1928-31 Rubber        pr. 3.50


HOOD SHELVES -- The finest hood shelves available with the correct gauge metal and includes the anti-rattle


A-16713/14-S         1928-29         pr. 34.95


A-16713/14-SK         1928-29 (4 pieces)         set 3.50

HOOD BLOCK SET -- Blocks fit between hood shelf and frame to support the hood latch.

A-16715-S         1928-29 (set of 4)         set 6.00

CENTER HOOD BUMPER AND BRACKET -- The hood bumper and bracket that mount in the center of the frame to support the hood.

A-16718-S         1930-31         set 6.00

HOOD HINGE RETAINER -- Bracket to mount hood hinge rod to top of cowl.

A-16735-A         1928-29 (cast bracket)         ea. 5.75

A-16735-B         1930-31 Rear (cast bracket)         ea. 5.75

A-16735-C         1930-31 Deluxe rear clamps over cowl band (chrome plated)         ea. 9.50

A-16735-D         1930-3l When using 32 hood center strip        ea. 9.95

A-16735-E         1928-29 When using 32 hood center strip         ea. 18.00


A-16735-AMB         1928-29         set 1.25

A-16735-BMB         1930-31         set 1.25

COWL BAND -- Highly polished stainless steel band like original.

A-16737-CB         1930-31 Cowl Band         ea. 78.95

RADIATOR SHELL LACING KIT -- High quality cloth lacing like original with rivets.

A-16739-AS         1928-29         ea. 9.95

A-16739-BS         1930-31         ea. 11.25

COWL LACING KIT 1928-29 -- Kit includes lacing and all mounting rivets.

A-16740-AOR 1928-29 Original style with wire        ea. 16.50

A-16740-AS 1928-29 Replacement style         ea. 11.95

COWL LACING KIT 1930-31 -- Original style with all the special clips screws, and rivets.

A-16740-BS         1930-31 rope style         ea. 12.95

A-16740-FS         1930-31 flat style        ea. 12.95

HOT ROD HOOD LACING -- Rubber hood lacing with pressure sensitive adhesive. Great for Hot Rods. 8" long.

HR-16739         3/8 wide x 3/16 thick roll         ea. 10.00

HR-16740         5/8" wide x 3/8"thick roll         ea. 10.00

HOOD LATCHES -- Latches are original style, and have firm spring tension to secure the hood when shut.

A-16750-ABK         1928-29 3-Hole (Panted)         ea. 8.45

A-16750-ASS         1928-293-Hole (Stainless Steel)        ea. 13.50

A-16750-BBK         1930-31 2-Hole (Painted)         ea. 7.95

A-16750-BSS         1930-31 2-Hole (Stainless Steel)         ea. 13.50

HOOD LATCH SCREW KIT -- Stainless steel screws, nuts & lock washers to mount latches.

A-16750-ASK         1928-29         set 3.50

A-16750-BSK         1930-31         set 2.50

HOOD LATCH PAD KIT -- Pads used when mounting the hood latches.

A-16750-APD         1928-29(3 Hole)         set 5.25

A-16750-BPD         1930-31 (2 Hole)         set 5.25

HOOD LATCH BUMPER -- Fits on shaft of the hood latch to prevent it from rattling.

A-16750-BU         1928-31 (set of 4)         set 3.50

HOOD LATCH CAP SET -- These gloss black vinyl caps fit on the tip & handle to prevent scratches on the hood and fender.

A-16750-CS         1928-31 8 piece        set 2.00  

HOOD CUP BRACKET -- Fits on sides of hood for latches to latch into. The NEW stainless steel clips come
polished with stainless steel rivets. No more chipped paint!!!

A-16750-CLS         1928-31 (4 pieces.)        set 10.00

A-16750-HCSS       1928-31 (4 pieces.)        set 12.25

HOOD BUMPER SET -- All the original rubber bumpers that were used around the hood to prevent rattling.

A-16761-AS         1928-29 (6 Pieces.)        set 4.50

A-16761-BS         1930-31 (6 Pieces)        set 4.50



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