HORN ROD REPAIR KIT -- Replaces the broken wire and the plastic button.

A-3616-RK         1928-31         kit  4.80

SPARTON HORN -- Excellent USA made horn. Ready to install on car. 6 or 12 Volt.

A-13802         1928-31         ea. 245.00

SPARTON HORN DATA PLATE -- The "Spartan" horn plate with drive rivets.

A-13802-SP         1928-31         ea. 3.50


B-13802-MB         1928-32         pr. 1.00

TONE ADJUSTING SCREW -- Fits the original Model A horn only.

A-13804         1928-31         ea. 1.25

HORN BRACKET -- Bracket mounts on headlight bar to hold horn.

A-13805         1928-31         ea. 4.25

HORN BELL - Spartan script horn bell like original.

A-13807         1928-32         ea. 64.00


A-13807-MB         1928-32         ea. 2.60

HORN MOTOR COVER -- High quality stamped steel horn covers.  All covers come with Adjust stamped in. The Ford script and Spartan are both raised. Covers are for specified years, but can be used on all original Model A horns.

A-13809-AR         Early 1928 ("Ford"script w/sparton)        ea. 17.50

A-13809               1928-31 (Plain)        ea. 13.95

A-13809-SP         1928-31 (w/sparton)        ea. 17.50


A-13809-CS         1928-31         ea. .50

HORN DIAPHRAGM -- Spring steel diaphragm. A must for good tone.

A-13811         1928-31         ea. 6.50

HORN DIAPHRAGM GASKET -- Gasket mounts on both sides of the diaphragm.

A-13812-S         1928-31         pr. 2.25

HORN BRUSH AND SPRING SET -- For the original horn only.

A-13817/18         1928-31         set 2.00

HORN SCREEN -- Horn screen fits original and replacement horn.

A-13840     1928-31         ea. 2.50

HORN ROD SPRING -- Holds the pressure on the spider into the switch.

B-3642         1928-29         ea.  1.00

LIGHT SWITCH SPIDER -- Fits onto the square part of the light rod and is what operates the light switch.

A-3643         1928-39         ea. 4.95

LIGHT SWITCH SPIDER RETAINER -- Small retainer that holds the spider on the rod.

A-3644         1928-36         ea. .65

LIGHT SWITCH BAIL -- Holds the light switch on the bottom of the steering column.

A-3647         1928-34         ea. 3.20


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