EXHAUST MANIFOLD -- Brand new manifold ready for installation.

A-9430         1928-31         ea. 102.00


A-9431         1928-34 (set of 4)         set 4.60

EXHAUST MANIFOLD BRASS NUTS -- Special nuts used to hold the manifold on.

A-9430-N         1928-31 (set of 4)         set 3.95

EXHAUST MANIFOLD GASKET SET -- The replacement two piece asbestos gaskets.

A-9433         1928-34         pr. 3.95

MANIFOLD GASKET SET- COPPER - Made of the original style copper asbestos.

A-9433-C         1928-34 Copper         pr. 12.95

ONE PIECE MANIFOLD GASKET -- modern asbestos with steel gasket.

A-9433-F         1928-31         ea. 7.95

GLAND RINGS -- Rings fit into the manifold for a tight seal when using the original style gasket. Set of four.

A-9440         1928-31         set 2.15

STUD WASHERS - Washers that hold the intake and exhaust manifold in place.

A-9443         1928-34 (set of 4)         set 6.15

MANIFOLD HEATER -- This an accessory heater that bolts on the manifold and includes firewall valve control.

A-18478-S         1928-31         ea. 79.00

MANIFOLD HEATER DOOR -- This is what lets the heated air into the car.

A-18479-S         1928-31         ea. 11.95


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