Motometer and Quail

MOTOMETER & LOCKING CAP --  Motometers feature show chrome plating and come complete with working thermometer and anti-theft locking cap.

A-18352-AR         1928-29 Wreath        ea. 85.00

A-18352-B          1930-31 Wreath         ea. 85.00

A-18353-AR         1928-29 Plain         ea. 85.00

A-18353-B             1930-31 Plain         ea. 85.00

QUAIL AND LOCKING CAP "CHROME" -- A die cast and chrome plated quail radiator ornament withanti-theft locking cap.

A-18385-AR         1928-29         ea. 75.00

A-18385-B         1930-31         ea. 75.00

THERMO QUAIL "CHROME" -- A die cast and chrome plated quail radiator ornament with anti-theft locking cap and working engine thermometer.

A-18386-AR         1928-29         ea. 85.00

A-18386-B         1930-31         ea. 85.00

THERMOMETER FOR THERMO QUAIL -- To replace old or broken thermometers in quail caps.

A-18355-TO         1928-31         ea. 19.95

MOTOMETER -- A chrome plated MotoMeter with a working thermometer that you can bolt to your existing MotoMeter cap.

A-18354-CW         1928-31 Wreath         ea. 52.00

A-18354-CP         1928-31 Plain         ea. 52.00

WINGS FOR MOTOMETERS --Chrome plated wings that mount between the MotoMeter cap and meter.

A-18355-WC         1928-31 (Chrome)        ea. 26.50

MOTOMETER REPAIR KIT -- Kit Includes: 2 beveled lenses, one thick & one thin white fiber lens gasket & eight stainless steel screws.

A-18354-RK         1928-31         ea. 21.50

MOTOMETER THERMOMETER -- A 7/16í" x 2í screw in thermometer replacement unit with nut.

A-18355-U         1928-31         ea. 17.50

MOTOMETER CAPS -- A chrome plated accessory cap that attaches to your radiator neck and canít be removed without the proper tools to prevent theft. Top part opens with a twist for easy filling oil water. Hole in center is for your MotoMeter.

A-1 8360-AR         1928-29 Cap only    ea. 43.75

A-18360-8             1930-31 Cap only     ea. 43.75


A-18361-R     1938-31 Fiber washer for locking cap         ea. 1.00

A-18361-B     1928-31 Rubber gasket for the cap         ea. 1.00

A-18361-N     1928-31 Stem Nut and washer         ea. 1.00


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