Radius Rod Parts

RADIUS ROD BALL FELT -- The felt pad that fits inside the bell housing directly over the radius ball.

A-3425         1928-31         ea. 1.20

RADIUS BALL CAP KIT -- The original style cap kit with stamped steel cups, all bolts, nuts, and cotter pins.

A-3440-OR         1928-31         kit 23.00

REPLACEMENT BALL CAP KIT -- Brand new rubber radius ball and cast iron cap assembly with bolts, washers & cotter pins.

IA-3440-RE         1928-31        kit 10.95

RADIUS BALL CAP HARDWARE KIT -- Includes 2 bolts, 2 springs, 2 nuts.

A-3440-S         1928-31         kit 16.50

FRONT RADIUS BALL SOCKET BOLT - Special socket bolt with a slotted head.

A-3442         1928-31 (Requires two)         pr. 4.75

  RADIUS ROD NUTS -- Nut that holds the radius rod cap in place.


A-3440-N         1928-31 (Requires two)         ea. 3.80

RETAINER PIN -- Pin keeps radius rod cap bolts from turning.

A-3441         1928-31         ea. 1.00

  RADIUS ROD BALL -- Oil resistant neoprene ball.

B-3446         1928-31         ea. 2.50


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