Shock Absorbers & Parts

SHOCK TO FRAME BOLTS -- Special bolts with nuts and washers used to mount the shocks to the frame.

A-18015-MB     1928-31(24 pieces)    set 7.00

SHOCK ABSORBER FLUID -- One pint - enough for all four shocks.

A-18000-SF     1928-31 One pint     ea. 4.50

HOUDAILLE SHOCK ABSORBERS -- These are the best shocks on the market and are made in the U.S.A.

A-18015-B     Right Front & Left Rear    ea. 150.00

A-18016-B     Left Front & Right Rear    ea. 150.00

A-18016-S     This kit includes 4 Shocks, Arms and links for one car                   kit. 695.00


A-18037-AS     1928-32 (set of 4)    set 51.00

  SHOCK ARMS -- New forged steel front and rear shock arms.

A-18047-B     1928-31 Front     ea. 27.95

A-18052-B     1928-31 Rear     ea. 27.95

SHOCK ARM CLAMPING BOLT SET -- Special bolts used when mounting shock arms.

A-18047/52-MB     1928-31     set 7.25

  SHOCK LINK "DOG BONE" -- The Dog Bone style shock link which was used as a later replacement.

B-18055-CS     1928-34     ea. 6.50

  SHOCK LINK BUSHING -- Bushing for the dog bone style shock link.

A-18060     1928-34     ea. .75

A-18060-S     1928-34 (set of 8)    set 4.50

SHOCK LINK SEALS & CAPS -- The metal & rubber shock link grease seals for the tubular link.

A-18058-S     1928-31 Seals (set of 8)     set 4.95

A-18059-8     1928-31 Metal caps for seals     ea. .85

  BALL SEAT -- Ball seat for the original tubular style shock link It takes four per link.

B-18060-R     1928-34     ea. 1.15

SHOCK ABSORBER FLUID -- One pint - enough for all four shocks.

A-18000-SF     1928-31 One pint    ea. 3.50

  SHOCK LINK PLUG -- Fits the original tubular style shock link.

A-18061     1928-34     ea. 1.75

  SHOCK LINK SPRING -- Spring fits the original tubular style shock link.

A-18062-B     1928-34     ea. .95


A-18063     1928-34     ea. 10.50

TUBULAR SHOCK LINK -- Includes four shock links with all internal and external seals and caps.

A-18063-BS     1928-31(52 pieces)     ea. 19.00

SHOCK LINK SPACER -- For the original tubular type shock link.

A-18064     1928-34     ea. .75

SHOCK ABSORBER SEAL KIT -- Set includes all the seals to rebuild four shocks.

A-18096-S     1928-31     set 21.95


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