UPPER STEERING BUSHING -- Chrome plated upper bushing in steering column with woven anti-rattler Insert.

A-3517         1928-31         ea. 11.00

STEERING COLUMN CLAMP -- Clamp that holds the steering column to dash.

A-3519         1928-31         ea. 7.95

STEERING COLUMN CLAMP BOLTS -- Bolts for holding the steering column in place.

A-3519-BT         1928-31         pr. 2.25

STEERING COLUMN ANTI-RATTLER -- Rubber strip that is held on by the column clamp and fits around steering column.

A-3521         1928-31         ea. 1.25

STEERING WORM -- Fits the early type box with the 7 tooth sector.

A-3524-A         1928-29         ea. 59.95

STEERING WORM -- Fits the later box with the 2 tooth sector

A-3524-CD         1929-31         ea. 65.00


B-3528         1927-31         ea. .75

SPARK & THROTTLE LEVERS -- Brand new stainless steel levers.

A-3540-A         1928-29 30 long         ea. 24.95

A-3540-B         1930-31 31 long         ea. 24.95

CONTROL ROD LEVER -- Gas and spark levers that go on end of control rods.

A-3541         1928-31         ea. 6.50

CONTROL ROD LEVER PIN -- Pins hold gas and spark levers on control rods.

A-3542         1928-31         pr. .65

CONTROL ROD SPRINGS -- The springs that fit on the gas and spark rods.

A-3545         1928-31         ea. .95

STEERING BOX TO FRAME BOLT SET -- Bolts mount the steering box to the frame.

A-3547-MB         1928-31         set 7.95

STEERING GEAR HOUSING -- Steering gear housing with needle bearing for the two tooth sector. Sold Exchange Only

A-3548-NB         1930-31         ea. 72.00

STEERING WORM BEARING LOWER CUP -- Cup for the lower steering worm bearing

A-3552         1929-31         ea. 13.95

  STEERING WORM UPPER RACE -- Fits steering worm bearing of the later steering gear box.

A-3553-D         1929-31         ea. 35.00

STEERING HOUSING END PLATE -- A newly designed plate with a tube that prevents oil from draining down onto the

                               headlight switch wires.

A-3568-T         1929-31         ea. 8.95


B-3569         1929 / 37         ea. 5.00

ROLLER BEARING -- Two needed for seven tooth steering worm.

A-3571-AR         1928-29 Timken         ea. 3.95

WORM BEARING -- Fits the two tooth sector two are required.

BB-3571         1929-31 Timken         ea. 11.50

NEEDLE BEARING SET -- Brand new needle bearing set helps to improve steering.

A-3574-S         1929-31         set 21.95


                                           NOTE: It is a very good idea to replace the sector and the worm at the same time.

A-3575-B         1928-29         ea. 87.00

  TWO TOOTH SECTOR -- Fits later type gear box.

                            NOTE: It is a very good idea to replace the sector and the worm at the same time.

A-3575-C         1929-31         ea. 95.00

SECTOR BUSHING -- Fits both the two and the seven tooth sector.

A-3576-C         1928-31         pr. 4.50


A-3577         1930-31         ea. 2.95


A-3579         1929-31         ea. 1.95

GASKET SET -- The complete set of gaskets for the steering gear box.

A-3581-AS         1928-29 w/7 Tooth         set 2.75

A-3581-BS         1929-31 w/2 Tooth         set 2.75

  PITMAN STEERING ARM - Made in U.S.A -- Heavy duty forged steel steering arm.

A-3590         1928-31        ea. 41.50

STEERING COLUMN CLAMP DROP BOLTS -- Longer bolts used with the steering column drop.

A-3599-BT         1928-31         pr. 2.25

MOUNTING BOLT - Made in U.S.A. -- Bolt to hold the pitman arm to the sector shaft.

A-3590-MB         1928-31         ea. 3.25

STEERING WHEELS -- All steering wheels are made for specific years and are an excellent reproduction that will help give your car that finishing touch.

A-3600-A         Early 1928 Red wheel (splined center)         ea. 135.00

A-3600-BK     1928-29 Black wheel (keyway center)         ea. 135.00

A-3600-BS      1928-29 Black wheel (splined center)         ea. 135.00

STEERING WHEELS -- All steering wheels are made for specific years and are an excellent reproduction that will help give your car that finishing touch.

A-3600-C         1930-31 Black wheel (keyway center)         ea. 139.00

STEERING WHEEL KEY -- Fits between steering shaft and wheel.

B-3609         1929-31         ea. 1.25

STEERING WHEEL NUT -- Special thin nut for holding on steering wheel.

B-3610         1928-41         ea. .95

LIGHT SWITCH AND HORN ROD -- There are five variations in length. To order the correct part, measure the length of the rod from the keeper groove to the point were the rod enters the top casting.

A-3616-B         1928-29  45-3/4         ea. 46.00

A-3616-C         1929  45"         ea 46.00

A-3616-F         1930  45-3/4     ea. 46.00

A-3616-G         1930  44-31/32"         ea. 46.00

A-3616-H         1930-31  45-31/32"         ea. 46.00


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