ROD LIGHTS -- This new item is the perfect answer to front park lights and turn signals on street rods. Lights are

                                                     die-cast and chrome plated.

HR-13302-S     Small Single filament 12V  1 3/4" W x 1-1/8' H x 1-5/8' D        ea.  13.50

HR-13302-M   Medium Single filament 12V    2-1/4 "W x 1-1/4" H x 1 3/4" D    ea.  13.50

HR-13302-TS    Dual filament 12V  2-1/2" W x 2" H x 2-3/4" D        ea.  14.50

SUPER DELUXE TAILLIGHTS GRADE "A" -- Our super deluxe taillights feature a highly polished stainless steel housing &
rim, cloth braided wires, wire loom, bulbs and a red-amber glass lens.

A-13405-DL6         1928-31 Left 6V         ea. 32.00

A-13405-DL12       1928-31 Left 12V      ea. 32.00

A-13405-DR6         1928-31 Right 6V      ea. 32.00

A-13405-DR12       1928-31 Right 12V    ea. 32.00

TAILLIGHTS WITH BLUE DOTS -- We now offer our high quality grade "A" taillights with a glass red lens and glass
blue dot installed.

A-13405-BDL6         1928-31 Left 6V         ea. 36.50

A-13405-BDL12       1928-31 Left 12V       ea. 36.50

A-13405-BDR6         1928-31 Right 6V      ea. 36.50

A-13405-BDRI2         1928-31 Right 12V   ea. 36.50

QUARTZ HALOGEN TAIL LAMP KITS -- This kit will convert your existing tail lamps to the new quartz halogen lighting.
Dim brake lights will be a thing of the past.  Kit will convert two (2) tail lamps.

BHC-13405-12         1928-31         kit 29.95

REAR LICENSE PLATE BRACKETS -- High quality reproduction with DUOLAMP script. This is the correct show quality
license bracket.

A-13406-D         1928-31 Pass. & 28-47 pickup (Black)        ea. 7.50

A-13406-SS       1928-31 Pass. & 28-47 pickup (Stainless)   ea. 12.95

A-13409-28         1928         ea. 8.95

A-13409-29         1929        ea. 8.95

A-13409-30         1930         ea. 8.95

A-13409-31         1931         ea. 8.95

BRUSHED ALUMINUM LICENSE PLATE FRAMES --  achined from billet aluminum with a brushed finish. Includes stainless steel bolts to mount plate. Lighted frame is 12 volt and includes wiring and connectors.

BA-13409-P         without light         ea. 32.00

BA-13409-PL      with light         ea. 50.00

LICENSE PLATE BACKS "STAINLESS" -- A clean looking polished stainless steel license plate back cover that fits modern
type plate.

A-13409-P         1928-31 Plain         ea. 8.95

A-13409-LP      1928-31 Louvered         ea. 8.95

BRUSHED ALUMINUM THIRD BRAKE LIGHT -- Hi-Tech 12 volt Street rod style third brake light.

BA-13613         ea. 55.00

TAILLIGHT PIGTAIL -- Authentic green & black cloth covered taillight wire with insulators, springs, and bullets.

A-1341 0-C         1928-32 Cotton         pr. 5.95

A-13410-S     Socket only for bulbs for inline studs, single filament         ea. 1.50


A-13350-6V         6 Volt         ea. 8.95

A-13350-12V     12 Volt         ea. 4.00

TAILLIGHT CROSSOVER WIRE -- Cotton braided wire used when running two tail lights.

B-14424         1928-31         ea. 10.95

FEMALE WIRE CONNECTORS -- Connects two male bullets.

B-14487         1928-31         ea. .45


A-13444-SK         1928-31 Stainless         ea. 1.50

STAINLESS STEEL LICENSE LIGHT -- This is a round stainless tube with a light that mounts using the existing holes in the license plate.

HR-13445         12 volt         ea. 25.00


A-13445         1928-31         ea. 4.95

RETAINER CLIPS & SCREWS -- The clips used to hold the white lens tail light.

A-13446-S         1928-32         set 1.20

WHITE LENS GASKET -- This is the lens gasket for the A-13445 lens.

A-13447         1928-31         ea. .75


A-13448         1928-31 Stainless        ea. 6.00

TAILLIGHT LENSES --  Authentic high quality glass lens ready to install. Made in U.S.A. from original O.E.M. dies.

A-13450-RA         1928-31 Red/Amber         ea. 8.00

A-13450-RABD     1928-31 Red/Amber with Glass Blue Dot        ea. 15.95

A-13450-S         1928-31 Red lens with "Stop" Embossed        ea. 9.50

A-13450-SBD     1928-31 Red lens with "Stop" Embossed and Glass Blue Dot         ea. 15.95

A-13450-R         1928-31 Red lens        ea. 7.50

A-13450-RBD 1928-31 All Red lens with Glass Blue Dot        ea. 15.95

BLUE DOTS -- Give your car that fifties look with our quality glass blue dots with chrome ring.

BD-13450-G 1928-48 Glass Dot        pr. 7.95

TAILLIGHT LENS GASKET -- High quality cork gasket cushions tens.

A-13461         1928-31         ea. .95

REINFORCING PLATE -- Plate mounts under fender when mounting the taillight bracket to the fender.

A-13463         1929-31         ea. 3.00


B-13465-6V         1928-31 Stop light bulb (6 Volt)         ea. 1.00

B-13465-        12V 1928-31 Stop light bulb (12 Volt)         ea. 1.00

B-13466-6 V         1928-31 Taillight, Parking, Dash light (6 volt)         ea. 1.00

B-13466-12V         1928-31 Taillight, Parking, Dash light (l2 Volt)         ea. 1.00

Replacement Quartz bulb for use with Quartz Light Kits.

40-13465-6V     6 Volt         ea. 12.50

40-13465-12V     12 Volt         ea. 10.00

TAILLIGHT SHIELDS - PICKUP -- Shields the wiring on the back of the taillights.

B-13467-BK1928-47     Gloss black         ea. 6.50

B-13467-SS1928-47     Stainless        ea. 8.50

TAILLIGHT BRACKET -- Stamped steel bracket exactly like originals.

A-13470         1928-31 Right hand (Black)         ea. 8.95

A-13470-C     1928-31 Right hand (Chrome)         ea. 13.95

A-13471         1928-31 Left hand (Black)         ea. 8.95

A-13471-C     1928-31 Left hand (Chrome)     ea. 13.95

TAILLIGHT BRACKET - PICKUP -- This is the cast iron pickup bracket.

A-13470-A         1928-29 Pickup        ea. 12.95

B-13470-B         1928-36 Pickup        ea. 17.50

TAILLIGHT BRACKET TO BED SPACER -- Wood block to mount taillight bracket to bed rail.

A-13471-W         1929-31         ea. 3.25

TAILLIGHT PAD -- Quality long lasting rubber pad with correct bead.

A-13520         1928-1931         ea. 2.25

TAILLIGHT BRACKET BOLT SET -- To mount taillight bracket to fender.

A-13474             1928-31 Plain         set 1.75

A-13474-SS     1928-31 Chrome        set 3.75


BB-13480         1930-31         ea. 7.00


A-13480         1928-29         ea. 7.00


A-13507         1928-29         ea. 1.50



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