Windshield Wiper

  WIPER MOTOR REBUILD KIT --  Kit includes everything needed to rebuild your existing original vacuum wiper motor.

A-17500-K     1928-31     ea. 32.95

  ELECTRIC WINDSHIELD WIPER MOTOR -- A universal electric wiper motor with black housing and 2-1/4 machined shaft to fit original arms. Can be shortened.

A-17508-E6     1928-39 (6 Volt)     ea. 42.00

A-17508-E12     1928-39 (12 Volt)     ea. 42.00

  WINDSHIELD WIPER KIT STAINLESS -- Wiper kit comes complete with stainless steel motor cover, arm, blade, and motor with a 5" shaft. Includes wiring diagram.  Has return to park and is great for street rods. Can be shortened.

A-17508-SS6     1928-39 (6 Volt)     kit 49.95

A-17508-5S12     1928-39 (l2volt)     kit 49.95

  OPEN CAR STANCHION LINE -- Chrome vacuum line with clips for the Roadster & Phaetons that mounts on the
left side windshield stanchion.

A-17517-S     1930-32 Standard     ea. 5.95

A-17517-D     1930-36 Deluxe     ea. 5.95

  VACUUM WIPER HOSE -- Small diameter hose for the vacuum wiper motor.

A-17520     1928-32 (6 ft. hose)     ea. 1.95

  INSIDE VACUUM LINE -- The steel vacuum line for the closed cars.

A-17522     1928-31 Closed     ea. 3.95

  WIPER BLADE -- Stainless housing with long lasting rubber blade.

B-17528     1928-36 (7-1/2")     ea. 4.25

68-17528     1928-36 (8-1/4")     ea. 4.25

  WIPER ARMS -- Our wiper arms feature 5 star quality and are available for the outside and inside mount motors.

A-17529-A     1928-31 Vacuum Motor outside (Black)     ea. 4.50

B-17529     1928-36 Motor mounted inside (Chrome)     ea. 8.95

B-17529-SS     1928-36 Motor mounted inside (Stainless)     ea. 9.95

CHP-17529-SS     1928-36 Chopped 2" Motor mounted inside (Stainless Steel)     ea. 9.95

  UNIVERSAL WIPER ARM AND BLADE -- A high tension stainless steel arm and 9" high quality blade that may be cut to length. Fits 1/4" motor shafts. Works with all inside mount electric motors.

U-17528-SS     1928-36 Blade     ea. 5.00

U-17529-SS     1928-36 Arm     ea. 12.00

CHROME WIPER KNOB -- Fits on the end of the original vacuum control.

A-17513     1928-31 Chrome     ea. 1.95

  WIPER ON/OFF CONTROL -- This is the on and off control for the outside mounted vacuum wiper motor.

A-17534     1928-31     ea. 4.25

  MANIFOLD CONNECTOR -- The brass connector used to connect the vacuum line to the intake manifold.

A-17540     1928-31     ea. 2.00

VACUUM LINE CONNECTOR -- Brass connector on firewall that connects the inside and outside vacuum lines.

A-17541     1928-31     ea. 6.50

  VACUUM LINE -- The steel vacuum line that fits from the manifold to the dash to operate the wiper.

A-17543     1928-31     ea. 3.95

  TANDEM WIPER SET -- Works off of the left wiper and includes chrome wiper arms, rods, and wiper blades.

68-17574     1928-36     set 34.95

  WIPER CLAMPS -- Steel clamps to hold the original wiper motor to the windshield frame.

A-17589-SS     1928-31 Open     set 5.50

  WIPER CLIP FOR HEADER -- The two clips that hold the wiper hose to header.

A-17616     1930-31 Closed car     set 3.25

A-17616-A     1930-31 Under gas tank     set 1.95

  HAND-OPERATED WIPER ASSY. -- A chrome plated hand wiper assembly was used on some of the early 28's, but is also great for other years.

A-17655-AR     1928-31     ea. 24.95

  WIRE CLIP -- Holds electric wire on windshield frame.

A-17695     1928-30 0pen car     ea. 2.75

  WIPER HOSE CLIP -- Clip holds the wiper hose on the windshield.

A-17669     1928-30 Open car     ea. 2.45



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