BATTERY CABLE -- Braided cloth covered.

A-14300-F         1928-31 (19') Braided cloth covered it        ea. 15.95

A-14300-RE         1928-31 (19') Replacement style         ea. 7.95


A-14301         1928-31 9' Braided steel strap         ea. 9.25

A-14301-B      1928-31 9' Copper         ea. 9.95

DISCONNECT SWITCH -- Installs in wire between battery to starter & enables you to cut all

                                        power off to your car.

A-14300-D         All Years         ea. 31.50

DISCONNECT SWITCH -- Replaces battery terminal to shut off all power to your car.

A-14300-C         All Years         ea. 9.95

COIL TO DISTRIBUTOR WIRE --Includes a rubber boot for the coil end.

A-14302         1928-31         ea. 3.25


A-14305         1928-31     ea. 2.00


A-14401         1928-31     ea. 9.50

CUT OUT TO TERMINAL BOX WIRE -- The metal conduit was used until 1930 and then it was replaced with a flexable loom. For longer Iasting and best results use the metal conduit to all 1928-31 cars.

A-14406         1930-31 Flexable        ea. 9.50

A-14406-A     1928-Early 30 metal        ea. 14.95

AUTO LOOM -- Black flexible cloth conduit used in various places throughout the car.

A-14407-114         1/4' I.D.         ft. .90

A-14407-5/16         5/16' I.D.         ft. .90

A-14407-7116         7/16" I.D.         ft. .90

A-14407-1/2             1/2 I.D.         ft. .90

TAIL LIGHT CROSS OVER WIRE -- Goes between tail lights when running two.

B-14424         1928-31         ea. 14.50

COWL LIGHT CROSS OVER HARNESS -- Goes between two cowl lights and connects to main light harness.

A-14428         1928-31         ea. 14.50


CABLE SUPPORT -- The cable support and grommet that bolts to the transmission case and prevents the battery cable from shorting out.

A-14550         1928-31         ea. 4.00

CABLE SUPPORT GROMMET -- Grommet that fits in the cable support.  Use if your support is good.

A-14550-GR         1928-31         ea. 1.25

WIRING CONNECTORS -- Used when connecting wires together.

B-14486         1928-31 Male Bullets (1O pieces)         set 2.50

B-14487         1928-48 Female Connectors (1O pieces)         set 5.50

TERMINAL BOX -- Terminal box mounts on the firewall and includes brass wing nuts, wing nut bolts
and washers, and brass inserts.

A-14560-S         1928-31         set 11.95

TERMINAL BOX MOUNTING SCREWS -- Screws to mount the terminal box to the firewall.

A-14560-SK         1928-31         set .95

TERMINAL BOX GROMMET -- The large grommet for the switch cable.

A-14560-G         1928-31         ea. 1.75


A-14561-A         1928-31         ea. 2.95


A-14561-WN         1928-31 Brass         pr. 2.50

RADIATOR SHELL GROMMET SET - Used in headlamp wire conduit hole in radiator shell. Two pieces. for headlamp, one
pc. for horn.

A-14567-AS         1928-29         set 2.50

A-14567-BS         1930-31         set 2.50

WIRE CLIP -- The special wire clip for the 28-31 water inlet, the 30-31 speedo cable, and the 30-31 cutout wire on the firewall.

A-14577-A         1928-31         ea. 1.50

WIRE CLIP -- The special wire clip for the early style cut-out to terminal box wire in steel conduit.

A-14577-B         1928-Early 30         ea. 2.35

HEAD LIGHT CONDUIT -- Chrome steel conduit fits from radiator shell to headlight and protects headlight
and horn wires.

A-14578-AR         Early 28 (set of 3)         set 17.50

A-14578-S             1928-31 (set of 3)         set 10.00

  HEADLIGHT PLUG -- The plug to separate the headlight wires in the back of headlight at the conduit connection.

A-14584-A         1928 (2 hole)         ea. 4.25

A-14584-B         1929-32 (3 hole)        ea. 1.25


WIRING CLIPS -- This is a 10 piece set of the clips used to clip the wiring to the frame. Available in small and large.

B-14585-S         1928-48 Small          set 2.95

B-14585-L         1928-48 Large         set 2.95

FIREWALL GROMMET SET -- All the grommets needed for the firewall.

A-14600-AS         1928-31         kit 4.25

A-14600-BS         Late 31         kit 8.50



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