F-Series Truck
Door Seals

NOTE: Our door seals are exact duplicates of the originals. No detail is left out. The kits consist of : front, top, back & bottom of do seals.
The 1948-52 kit consists of special molded pieces for the front of door & for lower back side of door. All are bonded into on piece. The 1953-
56 kits have the special molded lower front & rear corners of each door. The 1956 kit also has the special "S" section for area where the door shuts against the windshield frame.

8C-8120530-PR     Door Seals 1948-52     pr. 60.00

BAAA-8120530-PR     Door Seals 1953-55     pr. 60.00

B6C-8120530-PR     Door Seals 1956     pr. 70.00

91 C-8120706     Bottom of Door Seal - goes on body included in door seal kit 1932-52     ea. 9.00

COAZ-19554-A     Weather strip Glue - comes in a tube ALL     ea. 8.50

20327-S8     Door Hinge to Body or to Door Bolts need 12 per door 1953-60     ea. 1.00

20327-SK     Door Hinge Bolt - same s above set of 50 1953-60     set 22.00


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