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Ford Book & Literature


V-18     Owner's manuals-4 cylinder 32-34    ea. 10.00

V-19     Owner's manuals-V/8 32-33    ea.  10.00

V-Il     Owner's manuals 1934    ea. 10.00

V-17     Owner's manuals 1936    ea. 10.00

V-20     Owner's manuals 1937    ea. 10.00

V-21     Owner's manuals 1938    ea. 10.00

V-22     Owner's manuals 1939    ea. 10.00

V-16     Owner's manuals 1940    ea. 10.00

V-23     Owner's manuals 1941     ea. 10.00

V-42     Owner's manuals 1942     ea. 10.00

V-46     Owner's manuals 46-47     ea. 10.00


V-2     Service bulletins 1932     ea. 16.00

V-4     Service bulletins 1933     ea. 16.00

V-6     Service bulletins 1934     ea. 16.00

P-10     Service bulletins-complete, hard bound 32-37    ea. 42.00

P-11     Service bulletins-complete, hard bound 38-40    ea. 42.00

P-12     Service bulletins-complete, hard bound 41-48    ea. 42.00


RMB     Paint manuals for early Fords 28-36     ea. 35.00

V-2567     Paint manuals for early Fords 37-48     ea. 35.00


V-13     V-8 engine & chassis repair manual 32-36     ea. 24.00

V-14     V-8 engine & chassis repair manual 37-38     ea. 24.00

V-15     V-8 engine & chassis repair manual 39-40     ea. 24.00

LC11     The complete Ford owner's handbook of repair & maintenance-Covers all models 1932-1955, including V8-60-Explains many repair and tune-up jobs-Includes wiring

diagrams, specification tables, and many exploded line drawings. 224 pages and 246 illustrations 32-55     ea. 15.00

LV97     Sales brochure/New Ford V-8-Shows all passenger car models and features Full color wall poster. 17"x22" 1932     ea. 7.00

LV98     A great new motor car 1932-Shows all passenger models, features and specifications in depth 24 pg full color book. 1932     ea. 6.00

LV99     Sales brochure/Commercial 1933-Shows all trucks, panels and wagons and features fold out-Full color-16"x22" 1933     ea. 7.00

LV100     Sales brochure for 1933-Shows all passenger model body styles and features Fold out-Full color-18"x28 1933     ea. 8.00

LV101     Approved accessories for 1933-Shows genuine Ford accessories-3 color-fold out-6"x 17" 1933     ea. 8.00

LV102     Sales brochure/Commercial for 1933-Shows all trucks, panels and wagon body styles and features-3 color-Fold out-18"x22" 1933     ea. 8.00

LV103     New Ford V-8 for 1933-Booklet explains the new features for 1933 as well as engine specifications & improvements. 12 pages in black& white. 1933     ea. 8.00

LV104     New Ford V-8 for 1934-Shows all passenger models with features and specifications Fold out wall poster-18"x23" 1934     ea. 8.00

LV105     Approved accessories for 1934-Pictures all the genuine Ford accessories for 1934. 2 color Fold out-10"x12" 1934     ea. 8.00

LV106     Sales brochure/Commercial for 1934-Shows all trucks, panels and wagon body styles and features-Fold out 10"x29"-B&W 1934     ea. 8.00

LV107     Sales brochure for 1935-Shows all passenger body styles and features-16 pages in full color 1935     ea. 8.00

V108     Approved accessories for 1935-Shows genuine Ford accessories-2 color-Fold out-I0"x19" 1935     ea. 8.00

LV109     Sales brochure for 1936-Shows new features & details - 20 pages in2colors 1936     ea. 8.00

LV110     Approved Accessories for 1936-Shows genuine Ford accessories-2 color-Fold out-12"x19" 1936     ea. 8.00

LV111     Sales brochure/Commercial for 1936-Fold out style Shows all truck styles-i l"x25" in 2 colors 1936     ea. 8.00

LV112     Sales brochure for 1937-Shows all passenger models and explains features of them-20 pages in full color 1937     ea. 8.00

LV113     1933 Ford Restorer's guide-Ford 4 and 8 cylinder guide on interior, exterior and mechanical servicing.  Contains detailed charts and diagrams. Has chassis
specifications and individual body style specifications-29 pages and 15 illustrations 1933     ea. 7.00


Finally some truly beautiful prints of MADE IN AMERICA CARS. The following list of full color prints are from original paintings by Ford
Motor Company illustrator, Dom Pacitti. Perhaps you have seen his detailed and colorful work at Hershey and Reno. Now you can have
these prints of original paintings and save dollars by do-it-yourself framing. A conversation piece for office or den - a joy to behold on any wall.

LCPB35     Deluxe Phaeton (B35) 12"x18 1932     ea. 7.00

LCPB40     Deluxe Roadster (B40) 12"x18 1932     ea. 7.00

LCPB45     5 Window Coupe (B45) 12"x18" 1932     ea. 7.00

LCPB50     Sport Coupe (B50) 12"x18" 1932     ea. 7.00

LCPB55     Cabriolet (B68) 12"x18" 1932     ea. 7.00

LCPB150     Station Wagon (B150) 12"x18" 1932     ea.7.00

LCPBI60     Fordor Sedan (B160) 12"x18" 1932     ea. 7.00

LCPB190     Victoria (B190) 12"x18 1932     ea. 7.00

LCPB400     Convertible sedan (B400) 12"x18 1932     ea. 7.00

LCPB520     Deluxe 3 Window Coupe (B520) 12"x18 1932     ea. 7.00

LCP68-700     Tudor and Touring Sedan (68700) 12"x18" 1936     ea. 7.00

LCP68-710     Roadster (68-710) 12"x18" 1936     ea. 7.00

LCP68-730     Fordor Sedan (68-730) 12"x18" 1936     ea. 7.00

LCP68-770     Deluxe 5 Window Coupe (68-770) 12"x18 1936     ea. 7.00

LCP66B     Convertible Club Coupe (66B 12"x18" 1940     ea. 7.00

LCP67B     Deluxe Business Coupe (67B) 12"x18" 1940     ea. 7.00

LCP70B     Deluxe Tudor Sedan (70B) 12"x18" 1940     ea. 7.00

LCP73B     Deluxe Fordor Sedan (73B) 12"x18" 1940     ea. 7.00

LCP79B     Deluxe Station Wagon (79B) 12"x18" 1940     ea. 7.00


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