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V-8 Passenger Car


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Name of Part

Name of Part


Door Parts

Amp meters

Door Seals & Related

Axle Bumpers

Door Scuff Plates

Battery Cables

Emergency Brake

Battery Indicators

Engine - Trans. Mount

Battery Supports


Body - Frame Mounting

Engine Oil Pan

Body Moldings '39 & 40

Exhaust Clamps & Brackets & Deflectors  

Body Patch Panels

Exhaust Manifolds - Headers

Brake & Clutch Pedal Bumpers

Exhaust Systems

Brake Rods - Hangers

Fan - Related


Female / Male Dovetails

Bug Screens

Fender Braces - Moldings

Bumpers - Parts

Firewall Cover Clip & Parts

Camshaft - Parts - Diagram

Firewall Seal & Insulation


Floor & Rumble Seat Mats

Channel Kits Front & Rear- Related

Floor boards - Related

Choke & Throttle Rods

Floor Pan Bumpers

Chrome Dash Trim '42-'48

Flywheel Ring Gear

Chrome Molding Trim Clips

Ford Books - Literature

Cluster Gear - Shaft


Clutch - Parts

Front Axle - Parts

Coils - Condenser

Fuel Caps

Connecting Rods - Parts

Fuel Pump

Covers (battery , etc.)

Fuel Tank Gauges & Related parts  

Cowl Lamp

Gas Tank Parts

Cowl Vent - Related

Generators - Voltage Reg.


Glove Boxes  

Cyl. Heads - Sleeves & Gaskets

Grill Trim  

Dash / Dome

Grills - Parts

Dash Insulators - Kits

Head Nuts - Parts

Dash Knob Kits

Headers - Exhaust

Dash Plastic - Trim

Headlamp Wiring - Switch



Deck Lid

Heater Parts

Deck Lid & Trunk Related

Hood Brackets  

Dice - Fuzzy

Hood Parts & Emblems  


Horn Buttons - Parts 

Door Glass - Related

Hub Parts & Hub Caps

Door Handles - Related

Hydraulic Brake Parts


Name of Part

Name of Part



Ignition Switch

Springs, U-Bolts, Shackles

Inner Front Fender Panel

Stabilizer Swivel

Intake Manifold

Stabilizer Bar Bushings

Interior Trim Screw Kits


License Plate - Parts

Steel Fenders

Light Bulbs  

Steering Lock Shims

Light Switch Parts

Steering Parts

Low Gear

Steering Wheel Parts

Luggage Racks

Sun Visor Kits

Master Cylinder Cover

Tail Lamps - parts


Temp. Gauge Assembly

Oil Pressure Related


Oil Pump

Tie Rod - Parts

Outer Beauty Rings

Timing Cover

Parking Lamps

Tire Related

Pedal Tube Steering Cover

Tool Bag

Pickup Bed & Related

Top Materials & Irons

Pickup Headliners


Piston - Rings  

Transmission Cover - Seals

Pitman Arm

Trim Body Molding Clips  

Quarter Panel Seals

Trunk Lid Seal & Bumper


Turn Signal

Radiator & Grill Panels

Valve Related

Radiator Cap (Greyhound)

Valve Stem Covers

Radiator Hood Ornaments & Emblems

Vent Window Handles - Related

Radiator Hoses

Water Pumps

Radiator Shell Lacing Kits

Wheel Bearings

Radiator Splash Aprons

Wheels & Trim Rings (S.Steel)

Radio Parts - Antenna

Window Seals - Related

Radius Rod

Window Channel Kits - Related

Rear Axle

Window Crank - Related

Rear Fender - Related

Window Crank - Related

Rear License Plate Bracket

Windshield Frame - Related

Rumble Seat Related

Windshield Wiper

Running Boards

Wiring Diagram


Wood Trunk Tool cover

Shocks - Parts

Zephyr Gear Sets

Spark Plugs - Wire


Spreader Bar (front & rear)




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