Ford Passenger - V8
owl Lamps

B-13302     Cowl lamps and arms Passenger 1932     pr. 120.00

B-13302-TS     Cowl lamps and arms-With turn signals-Passenger 1932     pr. 110.00

40-13302     Cowl lamps and arms-Passenger 33-34     pr. 100.00

40-13302-TS     Cowl lamps and arms with turn signals Passenger 33-34     pr. 110.00


These are the special small head 10-32 screws that fasten the cowl lamp head to the arm. Set includes 6 screws. Made in U.S.A.

A-13302-BT     1928/32     set 2.00


B-13303-TS     Conversion kit-With 12 volt bulbsWith reflector 1932     kit 45.00

40-13303-TS     Conversion kit-With 12 volt bulbs With reflector 33-34     kit 45.00

B-13308     Cowl lamp lens 1932     ea. 7.50

40-13308     Cowl lamp lens 33-34     ea. 7.50

B-13309     Cowl lamp rim to glass gasket 1932     pr. 1.95

40-13309     Cowl lamp rim to glass gasket 33-34     pr. 1.95

A-13316-S     Cowl lamp lens retainer clips 6 pieces 30-34     set 2.00

B-13322     Cowl lamp arms 1932     pr. 49.95

40-13322     Cowl lamp arms 33-34     pr. 49.95

B-13324     Lamp arm pads-W/ lip for lamp arms Except 3 window 1932     pr. 8.00

B-13324-3W     Lamp arm pads-W/ lip for lamp arms 3 window 1932     pr. 8.00

40-13324     Lamp arm pads-Tapered mounting pad for lamp arms 33-34     pr. 8.00


Rod-Lites are the perfect solution for the problem of parking lights & turn signals on street rods of restorations. Your customers can adapt Rod-Lites to fit on bumper braces, front
splash aprons, headlamp bars, and even between Model 'A' Bumper bars. Rod-Lites are die cast & chrome plated for superior quality. They feature amber lenses & slotted stainless
steel screws (not Taiwan type universal screws). Rod-Lites come with 12 volt bulbs installed. The medium & large Rod-Lites dual filament bulbs for use as turn signals. Wires pass
thru the mounting bolt for a clean Hi-Tech look. See-13465 section for spare bulbs.

HR-13302-S     Small Rod-Lite, single filament     ea. 14.00

HR-13302-MTS     Med. Rod-Lite, dual filament     ea. 14.00

HR-13302-TS     Large Rod-Lite, dual filament     ea. 14.00


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